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Strap Ons

Strap ons come in many different forms for many different uses. Hollow strap ons are made for men and allow the penis to be inside the hollow dildo and allows men with erectile dysfunction to still actively participate in sexual activities. There are also strap ons designed for women to use on men, or women on women. One popular model for women is the feel doe, it is a strapless strap on that the wearer holds it in place by inserting it into their vagina and the dildo is left exposed for use on their lover. Advanced units like the vac-u-lock allow you to use many different extensions with the same harness. When looking at strap ons, we recommend one that allows the dildo to be removed like the universal harnesses that utilize o-rings to hold the dildo in place. These harnesses give you the ability to use them with many other toys and give you great flexibility for future expansion.



Popular Vac-U-Lock strap on dildos and harnesses by Doc Johnson. Vac-U-Lock strap ons are very comfortable and easy to use.

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