Esca2 Vibrator


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  • Wearable Vibrator
  • Interactive
  • Connected
  • Silicone Construction
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Bluetooth Enabled
  • LED Lighted Tip
  • Powerful Yet Quiet
  • Internet Enabled
  • Control Worldwide


The Esca2 is an advanced high-tech vibrator that has interactivity allowing the vibrator to be controlled over the internet from an app, music source, video, virtual reality, webcam games and more. It is made from medical grade silicone that is extremely vagina safe, flexible and soft to the touch. One end is lighted and the light can be turned on or off. When the light is on it can pulsate along with the vibration as a visual queue to your partner, so they know what the vibration pattern is doing. It measures 7.3 inches long overall and has a maximum width of 1.3 inches. It is rechargeable and waterproof. Furthermore, it fully charges in 1.5 hours and will provide about 3 hours of vibration per charge. The app is available from the Apple App Store, or Google Play for Android free. Once the app is installed, turn on the Esca2 and click connect a device in the app. Once it is added, you can add a website address for your favorite content, You can add a camera if you like and so much more.


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