About PassionShop.com

Our philosophy

Our philosophy has always been to reach beyond the customers expectations. Product selection, price, quick delivery, and outstanding customer service are goals that we not only strive for, we demand.
  • Product selection
    Our inventory has grown to well over 100,000 different products, not including our video on demand library that is now over 140,000 titles. We are always looking for new and unique products offering the latest in design and technology to our loyal customer base.
  • Price
    Without the overhead of retail stores, we have been able to keep prices at their lowest and backing it up with our low price guarantee.Growing volume has made it possible to negotiate with vendors for greater savings that we pass on to the customer.
  • Quick delivery
    Thanks to our expanded warehouse space and growing distribution network, we now ship orders the same day making it possible for customers to receive their orders quicker than ever. Our distribution network is currently being expanded, it is our goal to have product warehouses throughout the United States for even faster delivery.
  • Outstanding Customer Service
    If we keep our customers happy then they keep coming back! Our exclusive one year product guarantee shows our commitment to making sure our customers are happy. In this business a one year guarantee is unheard of. Our competition always claims they can not accept returns for health reasons - it's actually a money reason. If you have a product failure, we replace it free of charge for one year. In most cases it is marked as defective and the manufacturer is forced to credit us for it. If we can not force the manufacturer to accept defective items then we throw it away. Items that have a history of problems we stop selling, and customers are offered better product as a substitute.

PassionShop.com History

Internet, What's That?

Tony, our founder and resident workaholic spent most of 1994 explaining what the internet was to advertising agencies across South Florida. Then designing web sites for their high end clients. The whole process was frustrating since the World Wide Web was new and most people had not even heard of it. Hard work did pay off, and many great websites were born.

At the end of 1994, Tony met Chris, a California man who was writing software for IBM to allow them to process credit card payments online. Chris was able to provide the software needed for credit card processing, so Tony starting building adult subscription based websites. Customers would pay a monthly fee in exchange for adult content. There was not a lot you could do online in those days, everybody had dial up connections so even a small video clip could take hours to download. Wanting to give the customers more, Tony decided to start selling sex toys at huge discounts to members of his adult sites and it was well received. Then he took it to the next level.

Since selling sex toys had become so popular with the members of his adult sites, Tony created an affiliate program to let other adult sites take advantage of this service. By 1996 Tony was selling sex toys, lingerie and adult videos through a network of adult sites. Other webmasters loved it because they could offer discounted products to their customers, the catalog was designed to match their own website giving them a lot of new content, and they earned a commission for every sale.

Towards the end of 1996, Tony began building a more robust catalog with the help of some of the best programmers in the world. Custom building a shopping cart that would be fast, dependable and secure. The new shopping cart was rolled out in January of 1997 on brand new servers with a brand new domain name. PassionShop.com was officially born. By the end of 1997 there were several thousand adult websites selling our products and we have continued to grow ever since.

PassionShop.com has gone through many redesigns, and many features added. Technology changes at a rapid pace, and PassionShop.com has changed also, always striving to make the customer experience better. Thank you for the continued support, without you it would not have been possible.