Pom Pom Nipple Clamps - Red


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  • Overall length: 4.5 inches
  • Clamps open up to 0.5 inches wide
  • Synthetic fibers, metal and vinyl materials
  • Adjustable pressure with small screw on side of clamp
  • Vinyl coated tips protect skin and improve grip
  • Vegan faux fur pom poms are fun and safe to use
  • Color: Red


Get ready to show your cheerleader spirit with these Pom Pom Nipple Clamps! These unique clamps are sure to bring a smile to your face as you bounce around and let the soft, faux fur of the pom poms brush against your chest. The screws located on the side of the clamps offer slow, adjustable pressure so you can get just the right amount of pleasure. The vinyl coated tips protect the skin while also improving grip. With their overall length of 4.5 inches and ability to open up to 0.5 inches wide, these clamps are perfect for those looking for something a little different in their playtime routine. Plus they’re made from vegan-friendly materials so everyone can enjoy them without worry! So if you’re looking for something fun that will add a bit of spice to your bedroom activities then these Pom Pom Nipple Clamps are exactly what you need! Spice up your next date night by adding some fun with these Pom Pom Nipple Clamps! Start off by slowly adjusting the pressure until it's just right for you - not too tight but still giving you a good sensation when it's in place. Then have your partner take turns brushing the soft faux fur against your chest - it'll feel amazing! Finally, let yourself go as you both explore all that this toy has to offer - whether it's gentle teasing or more intense sensations - there's something here for everyone! I recently got my hands on some awesome new nipple clamps - they're called "Pom Pom Nipple Clamps" and they're AMAZING!! They come with adjustable pressure so I can make sure I'm getting just the right amount of pleasure every time I use them. Plus they have these adorable little pom poms attached which make them look super cute AND feel great when my partner brushes them against my skin! All in all, I'm totally loving this new toy - it's definitely going to be making an appearance at our next date night.


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