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Virgin Mary Sex Doll A Worldwide Sensation


Since it's release the Virgin Mary Sex Doll has been a big hit gaining fans and earning outrage throughout the world. While it's easy to see the attraction, users have been quick to point out the doll's flaws. In the product comment section, user Jizzmaster Zero noted "That's a lot of money for a single-use doll. After the first use she's no longer the VIRGIN Mary no matter how well you wash her out." JZ makes a valid point however it is important to only have anal sex with Mary so she will remain a virgin. This is clearly printed on the instruction sheet in the "Maintaining Your Doll" section.

The Virgin Mary Sex Doll has even made headlines across the pond. In Italy wrote what we assume is a glowing review, however it appears to be in Spanish so we can't read it. They'll be happy to know that we are working on a complete line of products geared toward modern Catholics including Rosary Anal Beads, and Holy Water Based Lubricant. Several requests for an Alter Boy Love Doll have come in recently but we're keeping that idea locked up, in the basement, under the stairs. At least until we can figure out how to make the tears more realistic.

Inspiration for the Virgin Mary Love Doll came from a visit to the Vatican where the Catholic love affair with Mary is proudly displayed throughout. What better way to show your love to Mary than to make sweet, sweet love to her? Well it made sense to us. She comes dressed like a nun because we all know how horny nuns are and we thought that would look sexy. Due to our strong commitment to quality and service, we knew that it would be sacrilegious to skimp on such an important doll so we made her with three hungry holes, a realistic butt, a virgin vagina, and a soft accepting mouth. As we noted earlier, using the vagina would make her a single-use virgin, but if you end up in the wrong hole, just ask her for forgiveness, say a few hail marys and wash it out with mild soap and water.