10X Hearts Desire


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  • Heart Shaped Clit Stimulator
  • Air Pulse Technology
  • 10 Pulsing Modes
  • Soft Flexible Silicone
  • Phthalate Free Vagina Friendly
  • Waterproof
  • Compatible with Water Based Lubes
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Magnetic Charger Connector
  • Measures 2.4 x 2.4 Inches Overall
  • .4 Inch Suction Hole


The Shegasm Heart's Desire clit stimulator gives you the extreme pleasure and sensations you've been craving. Whether alone or with a partner, nothing beats this small but powerful toy! Made of body-safe premium silicone and phthalate-free materials, this waterproofed device can be enjoyed in the bathtub or shower. The heart shaped clit stimulator fits perfectly into your palm for a discreet travel toy that can fit into any purse or bag. To power up the 10 modes of clitoral suction, use the USB cable and magnetic end to recharge after use. Enjoy slick sensations as you find yourself writhing and getting closer to your edge on this sexy journey! Let yourself unwind from stress after a long day with the Shegasm Heart's Desire clit stimulator! Get comfortable in your bedroom, light candles and some incense to set the mood. Have some water by your side to get hydrated while you play. Insert your battery charger and let it charge for no more than 2 hours before using it on yourself. Once fully charged, cradle the heart throb shape between your hands before delicately placing it on your sweet spot. Adjust the settings until you find an intensity that fits you best before letting it stimulate and massage away your stress away! You'll soon surrender to the wave of pleasure washing over your body as you drift off into dreamland! Thinking about trying out a powerful clitoral suction toy? Look no further than Shegasm's Hearts Desire! This toy is perfect for those looking for an Advanced course in mastering their own body - oh trust me I'm speaking from experience here!! Anyways - this baby has 10 different modes so buckle up because it'll take pleasure to places you didn't know existed.....yea....you might want to take photographic evidence!!! Make sure you don't drop this deep sea diving baby cause she's kinky but also waterproof - which doesn't mean washable like dishes - but does mean go let loose in the pool if that's what floats yer boat cause she can handle up to 30 minutes of submersion at a time. So even though she looks like an innocent harp playing cherub - trust me when I say - It ain't no Jimmy Buffet Song...It's an F5 Tempest!

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