Black Silicone Penis Sheath 2 Inch Erection Smooth


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  • Product Name: 2 Inch Erection Smooth Silicone Penis Sheath - Black
  • Producer: Xr Llc
  • Designed to add length and girth to the penis
  • Features a hollow body with a solid tip and ball ring
  • Includes a fully adjustable PU leather harness with metal belt buckles
  • Made from premium, silky smooth silicone
  • Measurements: Harness - Waist adjusts up to 48 inches (121.92 cm) in circumference, Thighs adjust from 13 inches (33.02 cm) to 27.5 inches (69.85 cm) in length
  • Measurements: Dildo - Insertable length: 6.3 inches (16 cm), Widest insertable diameter: 1.7 inches (4.32 cm), Inner depth: 5.5 inches (13.97 cm)
  • Color: Black
  • Use only with water-based lubricants


Introducing the Smooth Silicone Penis Sheath, your ticket to transforming your rod into a dream dong. This wearable sheath is designed to add both length and girth to your member, making it the perfect tool for fulfilling your partner's fantasies. It's also an excellent solution for those dealing with erectile dysfunction, as it stays firm even after climax. Crafted from premium silicone, this penis sheath is as comfortable as it is effective. Its smooth body and large, rounded head are specifically designed to stimulate the G-spot or P-spot, delivering wave after wave of pleasure. The base of the sheath is plush and sturdy, ready to withstand even the most vigorous of sessions. To ensure the sheath stays in place, it features a stretchy ring that wraps around the testicles, providing a gentle tug that adds an extra layer of sensation. The sheath is paired with an adjustable PU leather harness, complete with nickel-free, metal belt buckles that wrap around the thighs and waist. This ensures a snug, comfortable fit every time, allowing you to focus on the task at hand. To use, simply apply a water-based lubricant to the sheath and your partner. Slip the harness on, tighten the straps, and insert your rod into the sheath. Then, let your partner guide your enhanced member inside them. Even if you climax early, the firm sheath will stay hard, allowing you to continue pleasuring your partner without interruption. When the fun is over, cleaning is a breeze. Simply wash the sheath in warm water and mild soap, then spray with a toy cleaner. Pat the sheath dry and let it air dry completely. Keep it out of direct sunlight and away from other silicone toys. The PU leather harness can be cleaned with a quick spray of toy cleaner and a wipe down. The harness is adjustable up to 48 inches in waist circumference and from 13 inches to 27.5 inches in thigh length. The dildo has an insertable length of 6.3 inches, a widest insertable diameter of 1.7 inches, and an inner depth of 5.5 inches. This black, silicone penis sheath and PU leather harness are a must-have for anyone looking to add a little extra to their love life. Remember to only use water-based lubricants with this product. Key Features: - Hollow Body with Solid Tip and Ball Ring: The sheath features a hollow body for your penis, a solid 2-inch tip for added length, and a stretchy ring to secure it in place. - Fully Adjustable Harness: The PU leather harness is fully adjustable, ensuring a perfect fit every time. - Premium Silicone: The sheath is made from silky, smooth, premium silicone for maximum comfort and pleasure. - Fantasy Role Play: This hollow strap-on is perfect for fulfilling your partner's fantasies of a bigger, longer dong. So, why wait? Make your partner's fantasies come true with the Smooth Silicone Penis Sheath.


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