3 Piece Anal Training Set Glass Butt Plug Set


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  • 3 gradual sized butt plugs perfect for anal training
  • Each plug features tapered tip for easy insertion
  • Hypoallergenic & fracture-resistant
  • Compatible with all lubricants
  • Non-porous & hygienic
  • Easy to clean
  • Temperature responsive for sensory play
  • Lightweight, easy to maneuver
  • Small plug circumference: 4 inches (10.2 cm)
  • Large plug circumference: 5 inches (12.7 cm)
  • Medium plug circumference: 4.5 inches (11.4 cm)


Gläs' 3-Piece Glass Anal Training Set is perfect for those who are just beginning to explore anal play. This set includes three butt plugs of gradual sizes, each with a tapered tip for easy insertion. These plugs are made of hypoallergenic and fracture-resistant glass, so they're non-porous, hygienic, and extremely easy to clean. They're compatible with all types of lubricants, and their temperature responsive design lets you experience new sensations with temperature play. Each plug is also lightweight and easy to maneuver for maximum control. The circumference for the small plug is 4 inches (10.2 cm), the large plug is 5 inches (12.7 cm), and the medium plug is 4.5 inches (11.4 cm). Ready to take your anal exploration to the next level? The 3-Piece Glass Anal Training Set from Gläs is ideal for those who want to safely and comfortably increase their capacity. From beginner to advanced, the three plugs in this set will help you sphinctersize. Start with the 4" plug to practice insertion, then move up to the 5" and 5.5" plugs as your capacity increases. If temperature play is your thing, you can heat your plug in a warm towel or cool it down in a fridge. And with this non-porous and hygienic set, you can rest assured that your experience will be a safe and pleasurable one.


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