4 Cuff Expandable Spreader Bar Set


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  • Expandable Spreader Bar for Versatile Positioning
  • Detachable Wrist & Ankle Cuffs with Quick-Release D-Rings
  • Padded Cuffs for Comfortable Secure Fit
  • Adjustable Length to Accommodate All Bodies
  • Perfect for Couples and Various Bondage Positions
  • Sleek Design for Easy Storage
  • Length: 36.00"
  • Width: 8.70"
  • Height: 2.00"


Unleash your wildest fantasies with the 4 Cuff Expandable Spreader Bar Set, featuring detachable wrist and ankle cuffs that allow you to dominate your partner and keep them in a bent over position. This bondage accessory is perfect for couples who want to explore the thrilling world of dominance and submission in a variety of positions. The padded cuffs comfortably secure around the wrists and ankles and buckle in place, ensuring a snug and secure fit without sacrificing comfort. The cuffs are attached to quick-release D-rings, allowing for easy detachment when necessary, giving you full control over the intensity of your play. The expandable spreader bar can be adjusted to accommodate all bodies, ensuring that your partner is held in just the right position for your pleasure. Its sleek design also makes it easy to store when not in use, making it an ideal addition to any adventurous couple's collection. Discover new heights of pleasure and control with the 4 Cuff Expandable Spreader Bar Set with Detachable Wrist & Ankle Cuffs. Whether you're a seasoned bondage enthusiast or just starting to explore the world of dominance and submission, this versatile accessory offers endless possibilities for erotic play, leaving both you and your partner craving more.


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