Master Slave 6PC Bedspreaders Set


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  • Restraint cuffs for partner positioning
  • Nipple coverings, also known as pasties
  • Cat's Eye Domination Mask for sensory play
  • Collar and leash set for erotic pet roleplay
  • Breathable ball gag for speech restriction
  • Full-length flogger for sensation play
  • Partner restraint tools
  • Sensory deprivation mask
  • Roleplay pet play accessories
  • Speech limiting ball gag
  • Sensation enhancing flogger


Introducing the All Chained Up Bondage Bed Spreader Kit, your one-stop-shop for a night of tantalizing BDSM pleasure. This 6-piece set is designed to help you and your partner explore the thrilling world of bondage in a safe and comfortable way. The kit includes adjustable cuffs, perfect for positioning and restraining your partner in a variety of enticing ways. Made from a soft and comfortable material, these cuffs are designed to provide maximum restraint without causing discomfort. So, whether you're a seasoned pro or a bondage beginner, these cuffs are sure to add an exciting new dimension to your bedroom play. But that's not all. The All Chained Up Bondage Bed Spreader Kit also includes a selection of essential bondage accessories. First up, we have the nipple pasties. These are perfect for teasing your partner and adding an extra layer of excitement to your play. Next, we have the Cat's Eye Domination Mask. Made from a lightweight and breathable fabric, this mask is designed to enhance your partner's senses and heighten their anticipation. It's a great way to add a touch of mystery and intrigue to your play. For those who enjoy a bit of role-play, the kit also includes a collar and leash. This accessory is perfect for erotic pet play and can add a whole new level of excitement to your bondage experience. Now, let's talk about the breathable ball gag. This is a must-have for any BDSM enthusiast. It's designed to muffle your partner's sounds, adding an extra layer of control and dominance to your play. Last but not least, the kit includes a full-length flogger. Made from a soft, durable material, this flogger is designed to provide a pleasurable sensation that will have your partner begging for more. With the All Chained Up Bondage Bed Spreader Kit, you can bring your wildest fantasies to life. Position and restrain your partner with the adjustable cuffs, tease them with the nipple pasties, collar and leash, and Cat's Eye Domination Mask. Once they're all tied up, use the ball gag and flogger to give them a night of kinky pleasure they won't soon forget. So, why wait? Start exploring your wildest fantasies with the All Chained Up Bondage Bed Spreader Kit. It's a world of pleasure waiting to be discovered.


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