8 Inch Size Queen


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  • Pink color
  • 8 x 1.75 inches insertable
  • Available in many other colors
  • Made from flexible and body safe TPR that is phthalate free
  • Realistic head and veins
  • Sturdy suction cup base
  • Compatible with nearly all harnesses
  • Hand-washable design ensures endless hours of pleasure
  • 10 inch over-all size of lifelike pleasure
  • Firm yet flexible feel to ensure satisfaction.


The 8-inch Size Queen is the perfect choice for those who know exactly what they want. This full 8 inches long dong has a 10 inch overall size that provides a realistic experience like no other. It features a pink color and is available in many other colors too. Made from flexible and body safe TPR that is phthalate free, it has a realistic head and veins to make sure you get the most out of your playtime. The sturdy suction cup base allows you to have your fun on any firm and non-porous surface such as chairs or in the shower. Compatible with nearly all harnesses, this toy will deliver an erotic experience each time you use it. Plus, its hand-washable design ensures you can enjoy it for endless hours without having to worry about maintenance or cleaning up afterwards. So if you're looking for something big enough to hit the spot every time then look no further than the 8-inch Size Queen! For those looking for an extra special night of fun with their partner, the 8-inch Size Queen makes an excellent choice! With its realistic head and veins plus its firm yet flexible feel, this toy will provide plenty of stimulation during your intimate moments together. And thanks to its suction cup base you can even take your play session into the shower or onto any other firm surface for some extra wet fun! Whether you're using it alone or with someone else, this toy will be sure to bring plenty of pleasure every time! If ya wanna go big then I'm talkin' about the 8 Inch Size Queen! This thing's got everything ya need fer some serious satisfaction - it's got a realistic head n' veins plus a nice n' firm but still flexible feel so ya know ya gonna be gettin' exactly what ya want when ya use this bad boy! Plus it's got a suction cup base so ya can stick it wherever ya please - like on yer chair or even in yer shower fer some extra wet fun! So don't settle fer nothin' less than perfection - grab yerself one o' these babies n' get ready fer some serious pleasure!


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