8 Inch Size Queen Purple


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  • Purple color
  • 8 x 1.75 inches insertable
  • Available in many other colors
  • Made from flexible and body safe TPR that is phthalate free
  • Realistic head and veins
  • Sturdy suction cup base for use on firm and non-porous surfaces
  • Hand-washable design for endless hours of pleasure
  • Compatible with nearly all harnesses
  • Full 8 inches long with 10 inch over-all size
  • Firm yet flexible feel for realistic experience


The 8 Inch Size Queen is an amazing lifelike dong that will give you the pleasure you deserve. It's available in purple or many other colors so you can find just what you're looking for. Made from flexible and body safe TPR that is phthalate free, this dong has a realistic head and veins that are sure to hit the spot. With its sturdy suction cup base, you can have your play on a chair, in the shower or anywhere else with a firm and non-porous surface. The hand-washable design ensures you endless hours of pleasure while its compatibility with nearly all harnesses ensures full delivery of an erotic experience. Its full 8 inch length with 10 inch over-all size makes it perfect for those who know exactly what they want in terms of size. The firm yet flexible feel makes it even more realistic so don't settle for small stuff - go after what you really want with the 8 Inch Size Queen! For those looking to explore their wildest fantasies, the 8 Inch Size Queen is perfect for creating an unforgettable experience. Whether it's solo play or shared fun with a partner, this lifelike dong will make sure all your desires are fulfilled. Use it in any position imaginable thanks to its sturdy suction cup base or attach it to any compatible harness for even more possibilities! And when finished playing simply hand wash it and keep it ready for next time! I recently got my hands on this amazing 8 Inch Size Queen dong and let me tell ya - I'm never going back! This thing is like nothing I've ever experienced before - not only does it look incredibly real but also feels like the real deal too! Plus its flexibility allows me to get creative when exploring different positions which makes my playtime even more enjoyable! If you're looking for something special then this is definitely worth checking out - trust me, once you try it out there's no going back!


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