Adjustable Tension Nipple Clamps


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  • Adjustable tension nipple clamps
  • Spring-loaded clamps
  • Rubber lining for comfort
  • Sturdy metal chain
  • Adjustable screw to reach desired tightness
  • Ideal for BDSM play and nipple stimulation
  • Chain length: 10 inches (25 cm)
  • Clamp width: 0.5 inches (1.3 cm)
  • Weight: 2 oz (56 g)
  • Material: Metal, Rubber


Enjoy intense nipple stimulation with these Adjustable Tension Nipple Clamps. These clamps are designed to give you the perfect amount of pressure on your nipples while still providing a comfortable experience. The spring-loaded clamps make it easy to adjust the tightness of the clamp by simply squeezing them over your nipples and adjusting the screw until you reach your desired tightness. The clamps are lined with rubber to help ease the squeeze and provide extra comfort during use. Additionally, a sturdy metal chain connects the two clamps together, allowing you to explore different pleasure possibilities such as attaching weights or other toys to them. With an adjustable tension range from light to firm, these nipple clamps are great for both beginners and experienced users alike who want to add some extra excitement into their BDSM play or solo sessions. Attach these Adjustable Tension Nipple Clamps onto your nipples for some added sensation during solo play or partner sex! You can start off by squeezing the spring-loaded clamps over your nipples and adjusting the screw until you reach your desired tightness - this can range from light pressure all the way up to a more intense pinch depending on what you're looking for! Once they're in place, you can attach weights or other toys onto the sturdy metal chain between them if desired - this will provide even more stimulation as they tug on your nipples when moved around! Experiment with different levels of tension and movement to find out what feels best for you!


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