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  • High Viscosity
  • Makes Anal Sex Feel Better
  • Allows Easier Entry
  • Fantastic Anal Lube


Available in natural or cinnamon flavor! Really great thick viscosity lubricant, perfect for anal since it does not come off easily and creates a very smooth entry. If you have tried anal sex before and did not have a good experience, try a good lube like this, it makes all the difference. Convenient pump top makes one hand operation simple. 6oz container.



Thick lube is the key. Tried anal sex with a regular water based lube before and could not get it in. Decided to try a actual anal lube and the difference is huge. Seems like it went in so much easier because the lube made it so slick and it stayed that way so I am really happy.


This stuff is a lot like vaseline thickness wise and I think that is why it works so good. I am new to anal sex and the waterbased lube we have tried in the past did not work out. It was too painful and too tight so we gave up. This stuff made a huge difference I think because it is thicker and allowed him to go in much easier. I actually really liked it, is that bad?


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