Backslide 8.5 Oz Bottle


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  • Made Especially for Anal Penetration
  • Latex Compatible
  • Silicone-Based
  • Thick and Cushiony Texture


BackSlide 8.5 Oz Bottle is a special silicone-based lubricant specifically designed for anal penetration. Its unique formula includes clove extract and spilanthes extract, which provides a natural, muscle relaxing effect. The thick, cushiony texture of BackSlide is unlike any other anal lubricant on the market, and it is compatible with latex. BackSlide appeals to all genders and is perfect for those looking for a more comfortable and enjoyable anal experience. BackSlide 8.5 Oz Bottle is the perfect lubricant for anal penetration. Before engaging in anal intercourse, apply a generous amount of BackSlide to the area. The special silicone-based formula will help to relax the muscles and make penetration easier and more enjoyable. BackSlide can also be used with latex condoms, making it a safe and effective lubricant for all kinds of sexual activities.


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