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  • Comfortable, pliable bar gag
  • Double padded, double stitched luxurious designer fabric ties
  • Generous 53 inch length
  • Polyester (straps) Phthalate-Free PVC (bar)
  • Unbeatable hold for maximum pleasure
  • Red and black brocade fabric for added luxury
  • Explore secret desires with your partner
  • Communicate through touch and sound
  • Heighten your senses with power play
  • Tantalizing teasing until brink of release


The Scandal Bar Gag is the perfect way to explore those hidden desires in the bedroom. With its comfortable yet firm pliable bar, you can trust your lover to take full control of your senses without sacrificing comfort. The generous 53 inch length allows you to tie the luxurious red and black brocade fabric above your partner's neck for an unbeatable hold that will take you both to new heights of pleasure. You can talk through the gag while they delight in the sound of your muffled words and stifled moans as you both go wild with pleasure. This is a primal, sexy, and adventurous thing that can spice up any bedroom! You'll love how your senses heighten as you explore with your partner using nothing but touch and sound. Enjoy hours of tantalizing teasing until they're clinging to you on the brink of release - it's truly unforgettable! When my partner tied me up with the Scandal Bar Gag I was so excited! We explored our secret desires together as we communicated only through touch and sound. I loved how my senses heightened as we went wild with pleasure - it was truly unforgettable! I felt so safe trusting my lover to take full control while still being comfortable thanks to the generous 53 inch length strap made from luxurious designer fabric ties. We were able to enjoy hours of tantalizing teasing until we were both clinging on the brink of release - it was amazing! If you're looking for something naughty AND nice then look no further than this incredible Scandal Bar Gag! It's got all the makings of a great time - comfortable yet firm pliable bar? Check! Generous 53 inch length strap made from luxurious designer fabric ties? Check! Red & black brocade fabric for added luxury? Checkmate!! Plus it's perfect for exploring those secret desires between partners - talk through the gag or just use touch & sound - either way it's sure to be an unforgettable experience!! So what are you waiting for? Get yourself one today & get ready for some wild nights ahead!

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