Bathmate Hydro Rocket Douche


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  • Ergonomic easy-squeeze 325 ml capacity bulb
  • Innovative non-return valve to prevent water contamination
  • Fully detachable nozzle and flat-bottom base for easy cleaning
  • Discreet bag for safe storage after use
  • Skin-safe tested materials for safe and hygienic use
  • Ideal for clean and confident play
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Lightweight design for portability
  • Compact size fits easily into any shower space
  • Can be used with any type of shower head or hose attachment.


The Bathmate Hydro Rocket is the perfect addition to your personal hygiene routine. This ergonomic device features an easy-squeeze 325 ml capacity bulb with an innovative non-return valve that prevents water from returning back into the bulb and contaminating it. The fully detachable nozzle and flat bottom base make it simple to clean your Hydro Rocket after each use. Plus, it comes with a discreet bag for safe storage when not in use. Made using only skin-safe tested materials, you can be sure that this device will provide you with a thorough hygienic clean every time you use it – ideal for clean and confident play! With its lightweight design and compact size fitting easily into any shower space, the Bathmate Hydro Rocket is the must have essential for all your personal hygiene needs. When using the Bathmate Hydro Rocket in the shower as part of your daily personal hygiene routine, first attach the nozzle securely onto the bulb before filling it up with warm water (not hot). Squeeze gently on the bulb until you feel comfortable before releasing slowly. Aiming towards your intimate area while standing up or sitting down on a chair or stool can help ensure maximum coverage of water flow during cleansing. Once finished rinse off any excess water from both the nozzle and bulb before disconnecting them from each other. Store away safely in its discreet bag until next time! If you're looking for an extra bit of oomph when taking care of business in the bathroom then look no further than the Bathmate Hydro Rocket! This little gem is just what I need to get squeaky clean without having to worry about any nasty bacteria getting caught up in my bits! Not only does it have an ergonomic design that makes squeezing out just enough warm water super easy but its innovative non return valve also ensures that nothing goes back into the bulb - so no more worrying about contamination here! And if that wasn't enough there's also a discreet bag included so I can store my little buddy away safely when I'm done using him - now that's what I call service!


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