Bodywand Midnight Bed Spreader Kit


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  • Tether to tuck under the bed
  • Cuffs to attach to wrists and ankles
  • Satin blindfold mask
  • Midnight Bodywand for massage
  • Measures 10.25 x 2 inches


The Bodywand Midnight Bed Spreader Kit is the perfect addition to any bedroom. This kit includes a tether to tuck under the bed, cuffs to attach to the wrists and ankles, a satin blindfold mask, and a Midnight Bodywand for massage. With this kit, you can turn your bed into the ultimate couples playpen. The cuffs can be positioned close to each corner of the bed and the satin blindfold mask can be used to seduce your lover. Once your partner is in the perfect restraining position, you can use the Midnight Bodywand to massage them from head to toe until climax. With this kit, your bedroom will never be the same! Once you have the Bodywand Midnight Bed Spreader Kit set up in your bedroom, you can start your session. Begin by tucking the bedspreader tether under the bed and positioning the cuffs close to each corner of the bed. Then, seduce your lover into putting on the satin blindfold mask. Lay your partner on the bed and affix each velcro cuff to the wrists and ankles to achieve the perfect restraining position. Gently massage your partner from head to toe with the Midnight Bodywand until climax. Enjoy the pleasure and intimacy of your bedroom playpen and let your imagination run wild!


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