Coax Collar To Wrist Restraints


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  • Luxurious vegan-friendly collar with three D-rings
  • Two cuffs with a D-ring on each
  • Connector chains for the cuffs and collar
  • Comfortable padding and secure material
  • Duotone, brass coated hooks, and gold accented embellishments
  • Collar adjusts from 12 to 21 inches in circumference
  • Collar is 2.5 inches in width
  • Cuffs adjust from 6 to 9.5 inches in circumference
  • Cuffs are 2.5 inches in width
  • Wrist connector chain is 6.5 inches in length
  • Collar connector chain is 17 inches in length
  • Material: PU leather and metal
  • Color: Brown and black


Coax Collar To Wrist Restraints offer an attractive and unique way to keep your plaything captive and in control. This three-in-one bondage gear includes a luxurious vegan-friendly collar with three D-rings, two cuffs with a D-ring each, and connector chains for the cuffs and collar. With comfortable padding and secure, durable material, you can be sure your captive will be safe and restrained for as long as you need. The duotone, brass coated hooks, and gold accented embellishments add an elegant touch to the restraints, ensuring that they last through many play sessions. The adjustable sizing allows for a perfect fit without compromising comfort or security. You can adjust the collar from 12 to 21 inches in circumference, and the cuffs from 6 to 9.5 inches in circumference. Choose from two colors, brown and black, to fit your style and kink preferences. Take your bondage play to the next level with Coax Collar to Wrist Restraints. A perfect way to keep your partner safe while you explore, these restraints will keep them securely in place while offering maximum comfort. Start by adjusting the collar to fit your partner’s neck size, ensuring a snug but secure fit. Connect the cuffs to the collar with the included chains, and lock the cuffs onto your partner’s wrists. Then, get creative! Nothing ruins a BDSM session like an uncomfortable restraint – use the allowed movement to your advantage, testing the limits and exploring what they find stimulating. The luxurious vegan-friendly material, elegant design, and secure construction will take your fantasies to the next level.


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