Deluxe Steel Handle Pump


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  • Heavy duty metal and chrome detail
  • Built-in pressure gauge to monitor intensity
  • Vacuum lock connector with a flexible hose
  • Compatible with any of our cylinders
  • Cushioned support for your gripping pleasure


The Deluxe Steel Hand Pump is the perfect choice for those looking to experience the ultimate in penis pumping. Constructed with heavy duty metal and chrome detail, this pump is designed with you in mind. Our signature pumping system is equipped with a built-in pressure gauge to monitor intensity, a vacuum lock connector with a flexible hose that is compatible with any of our cylinders and cushioned support for your gripping pleasure. The Deluxe Steel Hand Pump promotes lengthening, thickening, stamina, and increased orgasms all in one! To use the Deluxe Steel Hand Pump, first attach the vacuum lock connector to the cylinder of your choice. Then, place the cylinder over your penis and begin pumping the handle. You can monitor the pressure with the built-in pressure gauge and adjust the intensity as needed. Once you have achieved the desired level of suction, you can enjoy the benefits of this device. With regular use, you can expect to experience increased length, girth, and stamina, as well as improved orgasms.


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