Fetish Fantasy Beginners Furry Cuffs


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  • Lined with velvety-soft faux fur
  • Quick-release button in case you lose the key
  • Easily adjustable to fit most sizes
  • Comfortable and secure restraints
  • Package includes 1 furry cuff and 2 keys
  • Soft fur teases, tickles and titillates
  • Ideal for beginners exploring fetish fantasies
  • Made from high quality materials for durability


Oh the fun you'll have when you try out this cuff! It's perfect for those who want to explore their stuff! The faux fur is soft so it won't cause any pain. And the quick release button will help if you're in a bind again! The keys are included so you can lock it tight. And adjust it to fit just right! The Fetish Fantasy Beginners Furry Cuffs are perfect for those looking to explore their wildest fantasies. These cuffs are lined with velvety-soft faux fur that provides comfort while keeping your partner securely restrained. The locking mechanism has a quick-release button in case you lose the key, and the cuffs easily adjust to fit most sizes. You'll both love the sensuous feel of the soft fur as it teases, tickles and titillates. The lightweight design makes them easy to transport wherever your desires take you. Available in a variety of colors, these furry cuffs make an ideal addition to any bedroom playtime or bondage collection. Whether you're new to bondage play or an experienced enthusiast, Fetish Fantasy's Beginners Furry Cuffs are sure to add some extra excitement into your bedroom adventures. Perfect for couples who want to explore their wildest fantasies without fear of discomfort or injury, these cuffs provide a safe way to enjoy light restraint play without sacrificing comfort or security. With its adjustable sizing and soft faux fur lining, these cuffs are sure to become one of your favorite pieces of bondage gear! If you're looking for something kinky but still comfortable then look no further than Fetish Fantasy's Beginners Furry Cuffs! These bad boys come with everything needed for light restraint play - including two keys just in case one gets lost in all that sexy action! Plus they're lined with velvety soft faux fur so even if things get rough there won't be any discomfort or injury - just pure pleasure! So go ahead - lock up your lover and explore all those naughty fantasies - what could be better?


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