Fetish Fantasy Nipple Erector Set


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  • Keeps Your Nipples Hard
  • Suction Pumps to Engorge
  • Stretchy Rings to Keep Them Erect
  • Easy to Use


This nipple erector set will have your nipples standing at attention and keep them that way. The set is really well-designed allowing you to quickly make and keep your nipples hard. To use it, just place one of the stretchable rings over the tip of the pump, then place the pump over your nipple and squeeze the pump ball. When your nipple is erect and the pump is still over the nipple, slide the stretchable ring off the pump, and it will contract around your nipple holding it in the erect state. There are two pumps included. One larger than the other allowing you to use the one that fits you best and if you have smaller nipples than you desire then you can use the larger pump to make them look bigger.



I've had these about a month and really like them. My nipples are pretty sensitive so I can only leave them on about 20 minutes but really like the feeling.


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