Graduated Silicone Prostate Probe


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  • Durable, pliable, premium quality silicone
  • Ergonomically curved to enhance prostate stimulation
  • Contoured beaded shape and wide suction cup base for secure positioning
  • Compact 4 x 1.25 inches in size
  • Smooth graduated beads arranged in size order for comfortable insertion and removal
  • Suitable for first-time and experienced users
  • Endorsed by Dr. Joel Kaplan
  • Ideal for intimate solo play or with your lover
  • Easy-to-use design
  • Unscented pure silicone construction


The Dr. Joel Graduated Prostate Probe is designed to provide maximum pleasure during intimate exploration. This sensual probe is made from durable, unscented, premium quality pure silicone that is ergonomically curved to enhance prostate stimulation and deliver intense satisfaction every time. The discreet pliable probe measures a compact 4 x 1.25 inches and features smooth graduated beads that are arranged in size order for comfortable insertion and removal. It also has a contoured beaded shape and a wide suction cup base for sturdy and secure positioning that allows you to position your intensified pleasure wherever you choose. The easy-to-use probe is suitable for first-time and experienced users alike, making it ideal for intimate solo play or with your lover. Endorsed by Dr. Joel Kaplan himself, this prostate probe will take your pleasure to new heights! To use the Graduated Prostate Probe simply attach the suction cup to any clean, smooth and dry surface before indulging in unlimited tantalizing and teasing prostate stimulation - don't forget to use a quality lube too! When finished playing clean the anal probe with mild soapy water or a toy cleaner spray before storing away safely until next time! For an unforgettable experience with your Graduated Prostate Probe why not try using it in the shower? Attach the suction cup firmly onto the wall of your shower cubicle then apply some lube onto yourself as well as on the probe itself before slowly inserting it into your anus - remember to go slow at first until you find what feels best! Once inserted start exploring different angles as you experiment with different levels of pressure - let yourself get lost in all of the sensations as you enjoy this unique experience! Hey there sexy people - I'm here today to tell ya about something special that'll make sure you get off like never before - introducing the Dr. Joel Graduated Prostate Probe! This bad boy has been designed specifically to give you maximum pleasure when exploring those naughty places - it's made from premium quality pure silicone that's ergonomically curved so you can hit all those sweet spots just right! Plus it comes complete with a contoured beaded shape AND a wide suction cup base so you can position yourself exactly how YOU want it - no more awkward positions ever again! So if you want explosive orgasms like no other then trust me - get yourself one of these babies now!


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