Love Lickers Cherry - 1.76oz


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  • 2fl. oz bottle of Love Lickers Cherry
  • Panty dropper cherry flavor
  • Non-sticky and non-staining
  • Adds flavor to any sexual experience
  • Warming effect when rubbed on and blown on
  • Can be licked off for an enjoyable taste
  • No artificial colors or flavors added
  • Gluten free and vegan friendly
  • Made in the USA with natural ingredients
  • Manufactured in an FDA approved facility


Oh the places you'll go with Love Lickers Cherry! It's a tasty treat that's sure to make you merry. Rub it on and blow for a warming effect, Lick it off and enjoy, no need to suspect. Non-sticky and non-staining, this oil will tantalize, Adding flavor to your sexual experience is its prize. This 2fl. oz bottle comes with a panty dropper too, So you can take your pleasure wherever you go! Love Lickers Cherry is an edible warming oil designed to add flavor and excitement to any sexual experience. This non-sticky, non-staining oil comes in a 1.76oz bottle with a panty dropper for easy application. Just rub it on and blow for a warming effect then lick it off and enjoy! Love Lickers Cherry is the perfect way to spice up any bedroom encounter or romantic evening. Love Lickers Cherry has been recognized as the warming oil of choice in bedrooms everywhere due to its delicious cherry flavor and tantalizing sensations it provides. It's also safe for use with condoms so you can enjoy all the pleasure without any of the worry. Plus, Love Lickers Cherry is easy to clean up after use so there's no mess left behind. Love Lickers Cherry is perfect for couples who want to add some extra heat to their intimate moments together. Simply apply some of the oil onto your partner's body then blow gently over the area for an exciting warming sensation they won't soon forget! You can also use it during oral sex or foreplay for added stimulation and pleasure. And when you're done, just wipe away any excess oil with a damp cloth - no need for messy cleanup afterwards! If you're looking for something new and exciting in the bedroom, look no further than Love Lickers Cherry! This edible warming oil adds flavor and fun to any sexual experience - just rub it on and blow for a warming effect then lick it off and enjoy! With its delicious cherry flavor and non-sticky, non-staining formula, Love Lickers Cherry is sure to spice up your love life like never before! Plus, it comes in an easy-to-use 1.76oz bottle with a panty dropper so you can take your pleasure wherever you go - now that's what I call hot stuff!


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