Love Lickers Strawberry - 1.76oz


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  • Recognized as the warming oil of choice in bedrooms everywhere
  • Rub them on and blow for a warming effect
  • Lick them off and enjoy
  • Non-sticky, non-staining
  • Add flavor to any sexual experience
  • 2fl. oz bottle of Virgin Strawberry flavor
  • Heat up your nights!


Love Lickers so sweet and nice, A perfect way to spice up spice! A little rub and a little blow, Will make your night feel like it's aglow! It's non-sticky and it won't stain too, So have some fun with me and you! Love Lickers are an edible warming oil that adds flavor to any sexual experience. They come in two 1.76oz bottles of Virgin Strawberry flavor that will heat up your nights! This product is recognized as the warming oil of choice in bedrooms everywhere due to its non-sticky and non-staining properties. To use Love Lickers simply rub them on the desired area then blow for a warming effect. You can then lick them off or enjoy the taste while engaging in other activities. This product is sure to add an extra level of excitement to any bedroom encounter! For those looking for a more adventurous evening try adding some Love Lickers into the mix. Simply rub the oil onto your partner's body before blowing gently over it for a warm sensation they won't soon forget! The Virgin Strawberry flavor adds an extra layer of pleasure that will tantalize both partners during their intimate moments together. Enjoy this unique experience with your partner today with Love Lickers! If you're looking for something special to spice up your sex life then look no further than Love Lickers edible warming oils! With just one rub and one blow you can create a warm sensation that'll leave you wanting more - no sticky mess or staining involved either! The Virgin Strawberry flavour adds an extra element of pleasure that'll tantalize both partners during their intimate moments together - so why not give it a try tonight?


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