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  • Award-winning lovers tape that sticks to itself and holds tight but doesn’t stick to you
  • Thin and slender size makes it incredibly versatile
  • Endlessly reusable
  • Impressive hold so your partner won’t sneak free until you want them to
  • Perfect for those times when you’re yearning for teasing, tantalizing release of control
  • Color: Red
  • Material Type: PVC Plastic
  • Warranty: 1 Year Warranty
  • Measurements: 49.25 feet long


There once was a tape called Lovers' Tape, It held tight with no need for escape, It was red and made of plastic so slick, For naughty fun it did the trick, Tie up your wrists or ankles too, For pleasure pain or something new, Surrender now and let go of control, And find out what this tape can dole! Scandal Lovers Tape is an award-winning bondage play accessory perfect for those looking to explore the world of BDSM. This tape sticks only to itself and provides an impressive hold so your partner won't be able to escape until you want them to. The thin and slender size makes it incredibly versatile - use it around wrists or ankles or even as secretly naughty décor on clothing. It's endlessly reusable so you can use it again and again until you're begging for release! Let go of control and surrender your senses as you explore the world of pleasure, pain, sultry or sweet with this all-inclusive personalized restraint. The Scandal Lovers Tape comes in a vibrant red color made from PVC plastic material with a 1-year warranty included. It measures 49.25 feet long so there's plenty of tape available for whatever naughty activities come your way! For a night full of kinky fun with your partner, grab some Scandal Lovers Tape! Start by wrapping the tape around their wrists or ankles - whichever position they prefer - then attach them securely to the bed frame or other sturdy object. Once they are secure in place tease them with feather ticklers or other toys while they wait in anticipation for what comes next. You can also use the lovers tape as secretly naughty décor on clothing like dresses or lingerie - no one will know just how sexy that dress is! No matter where you are or what your experience level is this lovers tape has something special in store for everyone who wants to explore the realm of BDSM play! If there's one thing I know about BDSM play its that Scandal Lovers Tape is here to stay! This award winning product sticks only to itself which means no more worrying about getting stuck yourself - thank goodness am I right? With its thin and slender size its incredibly versatile which means you can tie up wrists or ankles wherever you may please - even if that means using it as secretly naughty décor on clothing like dresses or lingerie...just don't tell anyone I said that ;) Whether its pleasure pain sultry sweet this lovers tape has got it all covered so get ready because tonight we're gonna have some kinky fun!

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