Luxe Candy Rimmer Kit


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  • 3 Sizes: Small (3 Inches), Medium (4.5 Inches), and Large (5.25 Inches)
  • Soft Flexible Shaft
  • Looped Handle for Easy Retrieval
  • Smooth Satin Finish
  • Puria Platinum-Cured Silicone With Satin Smooth Ultrasilk
  • Contains No Fragrances, Latex or Phthalates
  • Safe For Your Body


Blush's Candy Rimmer Kit is the perfect way to get acquainted with anal play. The kit comes with three plugs ranging in size from small to large so you can start off small and work your way up as you become more comfortable. The plugs are made of Puria Platinum-Cured Silicone and Ultrasilk for a smooth finish that is safe for your body and free of fragrances, latex or phthalates. The looped handle makes it easy to retrieve the plug and also serves as a safety measure to prevent 'overinsertion'. Plus it can be boiled for proper sanitizing after use. Whether you're using this kit just for fun or if you want to try anal intercourse with your partner, the Candy Rimmer Kit is sure to make it an enjoyable experience! If you’re looking to explore anal play with your partner but don’t know where to start, then Blush’s Candy Rimmer Kit is the perfect solution! Start off by using the smallest plug and slowly graduate up in size until you reach the largest plug when you are fully comfortable. The ring/handle allows you to manipulate the plug while also serving as a safety measure against ‘overinsertion’. Plus it can be boiled after each use for proper sanitizing so it’s always ready when you are! So why not give it a try? You never know how much fun anal play can be until you do!

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