Optimum Series Master Gauge Penis Pump


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  • Hi-tech pump with an easy-to-read built-in gauge
  • Clear vacuum tube with measures
  • Flexible non-crimping hose
  • Easy-to-use pumper handle
  • Jelly soft donut ring for comfort
  • Quick release valve for maximum results
  • Cylinder: 8.00 X 2.75 inches


The Optimum Series Master Gauge Penis Pump is the perfect choice for those looking for maximum results. This hi-tech pump has an easy-to-read built-in gauge, clear vacuum tube with measures, flexible non-crimping hose, easy-to-use pumper handle, jelly soft donut ring for comfort, and a quick release valve for maximum results. The cylinder measures 8.00 X 2.75 inches. To use the Optimum Series Master Gauge Penis Pump, attach the donut ring to the base of the cylinder. Place the cylinder over the penis and begin pumping the handle. Monitor the pressure on the built-in gauge, and when the desired pressure is reached, press the quick release valve to release the vacuum. Remove the cylinder and enjoy the results.


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