Mega Booty Beads with Functions


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  • Powered by PowerBullet vibration technology
  • 7 super strong vibration patterns
  • Firm and bendable wire down the middle of the beads
  • Create your own shape for an intense ride
  • Waterproof finish for use whenever, wherever
  • Uses 1 AA Battery not included
  • Always use a rubber compatible lubricant
  • Help to prevent other sexual diseases
  • Do not use on swollen or inflamed areas of skin
  • Use a toy cleaner for all your cleaning needs


Mega Booty Beads are an ingenious anal bead toy that solves the problem of trying to work with floppy beads that can sometimes be difficult to insert. Mega Booty Beads contain a firm and bendable wire down the middle of the beads which lets you create your own shape - one that fits you best. Powered by PowerBullet vibration technology, 7 super strong vibration patterns travel down the entire set of beads to the tip for an intense ride like you've never experienced before. When you're done, simply pull and twist to separate the beads and expose the bending wire for super easy cleaning. Using just 1 AA battery, this anal toy is power packed and ready to rumble. Enjoy Mega Booty Beads whenever, wherever with the waterproof finish! To help prevent other sexual diseases, always use a rubber compatible lubricant with this product and use a toy cleaner for all your cleaning needs, before and after every use. Do not share with other sexual partners and remove batteries when not in use. When using Mega Booty Beads, it is important to take the necessary safety precautions. To avoid injury of aggravation of pre-existing conditions, this device should not be used on swollen or inflamed areas of skin. Before and after every use, use a toy cleaner to clean the vibrator thoroughly and store in a cool dry place. When not in use, remove all batteries from the item to preserve their life and stop corrosion that may occur from the batteries. If your item does not work or vibrate as expected once batteries are inserted, re-check your batteries are inserted properly, make sure your batteries are new and that they were all inserted at the same time, and check your contact points to ensure they are touching the batteries contact points. They may need minor adjustments. You can do this by pulling them out very gently and by a minimum amount, being careful not to over pull.


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