Nipple Bulb with 4 Erection Rings


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  • Keeps Nipples Hard
  • Easy to Use
  • ABS Plastic Tip
  • PVC Rubber Pump Ball
  • PVC Rubber Rings


Keep your nipples hard, make your headlights stay on! Improving the looks of every shirt and catching every guy's eye! Just slide the ring over the end of the vacuum tube and start pumping on your nipple. When the nipple is erect, slide the ring off the end of the tube, and it will end up around the base of your nipple keeping it erect. Includes one nipple pump and four nipple rings.



My nipples are not that sensitive but I did buy it for that. I bought it so I could keep my nipples hard at work. It may sound strange, but it absolutely worked. I wore a really light weight bra and a slinky shirt. The nipple rings kept my nipples hard enough to see all day. He asked for my number before lunch!


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