Palm Power Massager


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  • 100% Silicone Head Attachment
  • One Touch Incremental Speed Control
  • No Batteries Required
  • Includes 254cm (100") power cord


The Palm Power Massager is the perfect way to relax and unwind after a long day. With its sturdy handle, pivoting massaging head, and 100% silicone head attachment, you can enjoy a massage that is invigorating, strong and relaxing. The one-touch incremental speed control allows you to customize your massage to your desired intensity, and the 254cm (100") power cord ensures that you have plenty of power for your massage. To use the Palm Power Massager, plug it into the AC power and place it on a dry and flat surface. Then press and hold the button for one or two seconds and let go at your desired speed to begin. To increase the vibration, press and hold again and let go at your desired speed. To turn off, press the button again quickly. Please note that the Palm Power Massager is for external use only and should not be used over swollen, inflamed or broken areas of the skin, or on unexplained body pain. Always unplug the product before cleaning and take all necessary precautions to keep away from children.

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