Pjur Eros Aqua 250ml


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  • Super slippery and longer lasting
  • Non-toxic and allergy tested
  • Odorless and tasteless
  • Easy to clean and non-staining
  • Created for daily use
  • Composed of clinical ingredients
  • FDA registered
  • 250ml bottle
  • Made in Germany


Pjur Eros Aqua is a premium water-based personal lubricant designed to optimize the body’s natural moisture. It is hypoallergenic, latex condom safe, and ideal for daily use. Medical grade ingredients and unique formulas create a personal lubricant you are sure to love. Spread the love with pjur AQUA. The lubricant is super slippery and longer lasting, non-toxic and allergy tested, odorless and tasteless, and easy to clean and non-staining. It is created for daily use and composed of clinical ingredients which are manufactured under strict government specified guidelines. All Water Formulation products are FDA registered. The lubricant comes in a 250ml bottle and is made in Germany. To use, unscrew the cap, squeeze the desired amount, and apply as needed to any area of the body that requires additional moisture or lubrication. Replace the cap after using. It can be used on the inside and outside of condoms, but it is only compatible with latex condoms. Warnings and precautions should be taken when using the lubricant. Do not use on irritated or infected skin, and discontinue use if irritation or discomfort develops. It is not a contraceptive and contains no spermicide. Additionally, keep out of the reach of children, avoid contact with eyes, and be aware that it is very slippery on surfaces. Clean any spills immediately and use caution in the bath and shower.


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