Rechargeable Power G


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  • Angled design seeks out your G-spot for maximum precision
  • Large egg-shaped head offers larger coverage to ensure you hit the right spots every time
  • Easy to use dial allows for quick movement between speed settings
  • Waterproof for use in the hot tub, pool or shower - it's ready wherever you are!
  • Made from body safe and non-irritating, non-latex materials for added safety and comfort
  • Total Length: 8.25 inches (21 cm)
  • Depth: 1.5 inches (3.8 cm)
  • Width: 1.75 inches (4.4 cm)


Introducing the Rechargeable Power G – an angled egg-shaped vibrator designed to seek out your G-spot with extreme precision! Its amply sized head offers enough coverage to illicit the pleasure you seek even if you aren’t experienced at G-spot stimulation – making it the perfect starter toy. With its simple physique and sleek easy-to-grasp shape, this vibrator is ideally suited for beginners and more seasoned users alike. The firm interior applies ample pressure to excite and stimulate your most sensitive zones while its multiple vibration speeds offer endless exploratory sensations when used with a partner or alone. Twist the easy-to-use dial at the base to cycle through orgasmic speeds – start slow and steady or find the option that works best for your body and go straight to the grand finale! Plus it’s sensually smooth and totally waterproof so you’re free to probe and explore anywhere the mood strikes without worrying about water damage or irritation from latex materials. Get ready to experience a whole new realm of pleasure seeking opportunities with Rechargeable Power G! The Rechargeable Power G is perfect for those looking to explore their own bodies or add some extra excitement during partnered playtime! Start by twisting the easy-to-use dial at the base of your toy until you find a speed that suits your needs – then get ready to experience intense pleasure as its angled egg shaped head seeks out your g spot with extreme precision! Use it solo in bed or take it into the shower or hot tub with you – no matter where you choose to explore this versatile vibrator will be sure to deliver mind blowing orgasms every time! Hey there ladies - I'm here today with my new favorite toy - The Rechargeable Power G! This thing is amazing - I mean seriously AMAZING!! It has an angled egg shaped head that seeks out my g spot like nobody's business - plus it has multiple vibration speeds so I can take things slow or ramp up quickly depending on what I'm feeling at any given moment. And did I mention that it's totally waterproof? That means I can take this baby into my shower or hot tub without worrying about ruining it - now THAT'S what I call convenience!! So if you're looking for a reliable toy that won't let you down - look no further than The Rechargeable Power G!

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