Adam's Pleasure Kit for Men


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  • Adam's Pleasure Kit For Him by Evolved Novelties
  • 5-piece men’s kit for penis health, enlargement & pleasure
  • Includes penis pump, 3 C-rings, prostate massager & life-life stroker
  • Penis pump with pressure gauge, soft silicone entry sleeve
  • Penis pump tube: 11.7 inches long (29.72 cm), 2.44 inches wide (6.20 cm)
  • 3-piece set of stretchy beaded C-rings made with soft, stretchy TPE rubber
  • Small C-ring: 1.17 inches wide (2.97 cm)
  • Medium C-ring: 1.32 inches wide (3.35 cm)
  • Large C-ring: 1.52 inches wide (3.86 cm)
  • Prostate massager: 4.96 inches long (12.60 cm), 1.15 inches wide (2.92 cm)
  • Vagina-shaped stroker: 5.19 inches long (13.18 cm), 2.08 inches wide (5.28 cm)
  • All items are waterproof, phthalate & latex free


Introducing the 5-piece men's kit, a comprehensive package designed to enhance your intimate moments and promote penis health. This kit is a treasure trove of pleasure, offering a variety of tools to help you explore new heights of satisfaction. The kit includes a penis pump, three C-rings, a prostate massager, and a lifelike stroker. Each piece is designed to provide unique sensations and benefits, making this kit a must-have for any man seeking to elevate his intimate experiences. The penis pump, equipped with a pressure gauge and a soft silicone entry sleeve, is a powerful tool for increasing erection size. The clear tube, made from durable PVC and ABS plastic, allows you to track your progress as you use the pump. This feature adds a visual element to your pleasure, allowing you to see the results of your efforts in real time. Next in the kit are the three C-rings. These stretchy, beaded rings are made from soft, pliable TPE rubber. They are designed to help maintain your erection, keeping you harder for longer. The bumpy textures add an extra layer of stimulation, and you can use them individually or stacked for enhanced blood flow control. The prostate massager, made from firm ABS plastic, is designed to stimulate your P-spot. The wavy shaft and taint teaser work together to deliver intense pleasure. This tool is perfect for those seeking to discover the bliss of prostate orgasms. The final piece in the kit is the lifelike stroker. This vagina-shaped tool is made from fleshy TPE rubber, providing a realistic feel. It's stretchy and ready to accommodate you, helping you reach explosive climaxes with every stroke. The dimensions of the tools are as follows: the penis pump tube is 11.7 inches long and 2.44 inches wide, the small C-ring is 1.17 inches wide, the medium C-ring is 1.32 inches wide, the large C-ring is 1.52 inches wide, the prostate massager is 4.96 inches long and 1.15 inches wide, and the stroker is 5.19 inches long and 2.08 inches wide. All items in the kit are waterproof, making them easy to clean and safe to use in the shower or bath. They are also phthalate and latex-free, ensuring they are safe for your body. This 5-piece men's kit is a comprehensive package that offers a variety of tools to enhance your intimate moments. Whether you're looking to increase your erection size, maintain your hardness, explore prostate orgasms, or enjoy a lifelike stroker, this kit has you covered. It's time to take your pleasure into your own hands and experience the ultimate in penis health, enlargement, and pleasure.


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