Admiral Sta-Hard Pump


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  • Advanced male enhancement pump designed to maximize results
  • Equipped with a flanged silicone base for secure and comfortable use
  • Master-Grip handle delivers precise control for maximum effect
  • Flexible silicone hose maintains steady pressure for consistent gains
  • Quick air release valve for easy pressure regulation
  • Can potentially increase girth, stamina, and overall pleasure when used properly
  • Suitable for both beginners and experienced pump users
  • Constructed from body-safe materials: polystyrene, silicone, PVC, and ABS plastic
  • Product measurements: 8in x 2.25in / 20.25cm x 5.75cm (Cylinder)
  • Backed by a one-year warranty for peace of mind


Navigate the sea of desire and broaden your sexual horizons with the Admiral Sta-Hard Pump. This powerful male enhancement tool is masterfully engineered to deliver maximum results with every pump session, setting you on course for the kind of sensual adventures that'll make your friends blush and your lover moan. Every squeeze of the Master-Grip finger pull pump propels you toward a powerful increase in girth and length. Think of it as your personal workout trainer - only this one's focused on delivering pleasurable gains. The flanged silicone base provides comfort and stability, ensuring that your pumping sessions are as enjoyable as they are effective. Featuring a flexible silicone hose that's non-crimping, the Admiral Sta-Hard Pump maintains a steady pressure for consistent growth. Because nobody likes a weak pump, right? But what if you pump too hard? Fear not! The quick air release valve is there to save the day, making it easy to gently ease off pressure or make a quick exit. Just press the air release lever on the tip, and you're good to go. When used correctly, this sensational pump can increase girth, boost sexual stamina, and enhance erotic pleasure. It's like turning your love life up to 11. Whether you're a rookie seafarer or an experienced mariner, the Admiral Sta-Hard Pump has got you covered. And with its beautiful blue hue, it's as pleasing to the eye as it is to the touch. The pump is constructed from body-safe materials, including polystyrene, silicone, PVC, and ABS plastic, for your safety and comfort. The product dimensions are 8in x 2.25in / 20.25cm x 5.75cm (Cylinder), which is, well, quite a handful. So why settle for less when you can be the Admiral of your own pleasure fleet? Set sail for the uncharted territories of sensual pleasure with the Admiral Sta-Hard Pump. And with a one-year warranty, your voyage is guaranteed to be a smooth one. Arrr you ready for it?


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