Adult Birthday Crackers


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  • Includes two festive birthday crackers
  • Drink or dare card game
  • Crown and shot glass
  • Dare dice for the birthday person
  • Fun confetti and party word confetti
  • Perfect for adult birthdays
  • A great way to celebrate any occasion


Make any adult birthday celebration extra special with the Adult Birthday Crackers Confetti Drinking Game! This two-pack of festive birthday crackers includes everything you need for a fun night of drinking games and dares. Inside each cracker is a drink or dare card game, a crown for the guest of honor to wear during the festivities, a shot glass for when it's time to take a sip (or two!), and dare dice that will keep everyone on their toes. To top it off there's also fun confetti and party word confetti that will add an extra layer of excitement to your special day. The Adult Birthday Crackers are perfect for adult birthdays but can also be used to celebrate any other occasion. They're easy to assemble and use so you can get started right away! Plus they're made from high-quality materials so you know they'll last through all your celebrations. For her 30th birthday celebration my friend decided to spice things up by getting the Adult Birthday Crackers Confetti Drinking Game. We had such a blast playing all the different games included in the set - from taking shots whenever someone rolled double sixes on the dare dice to wearing silly hats made out of the crowns included in each cracker - it was definitely an unforgettable night! We even had some extra fun with all the colorful confettis that came along with it too! If you're looking for something unique to do at your next adult birthday bash then look no further than these awesome Adult Birthday Crackers Confetti Drinking Games!


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