Anal Delights Black


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  • Product Name: Anal Delights Black
  • Producer: Evolved Novelties
  • Description: 3 piece jelly anal plug set for anal training
  • Features: Tapered tip for easy entry, use with plenty of lubricant
  • Material: Made from soft & pliable TPR rubber
  • Small Plug Dimensions: Length: 2.1” (5.33 cm), Depth: 1.12” (2.84 cm), Width: 1.12” (2.84 cm)
  • Medium Plug Dimensions: Length: 2.6” (6.6 cm), Depth: 1.4” (3.56 cm), Width: 1.4” (3.56 cm)
  • Large Plug Dimensions: Length: 3.3” (8.38 cm), Depth: 1.64” (4.16 cm), Width: 1.64” (4.16 cm)
  • Weight: Under .5 lb (3.7 oz or 104.89 grams)
  • Additional Features: Latex & phthalate free, Waterproof & submersible


Discover the thrilling world of anal pleasure with our three-piece jelly anal plug set. This kit is designed to guide you through the exciting journey of anal exploration, offering graduated sizes for a comfortable and enjoyable anal training experience. The set includes three anal plugs, each varying in size to accommodate your comfort level and experience. The small plug, with its dimensions of 2.1” in length, 1.12” in depth, and 1.12” in width, is perfect for beginners. It allows you to gradually introduce yourself to the unique sensation of anal stimulation. As you become more comfortable, you can progress to the medium plug. Measuring 2.6” in length, 1.4” in depth, and 1.4” in width, this plug offers a slightly more intense experience. Finally, for those who are ready to take their anal play to the next level, the large plug provides the ultimate satisfaction with its dimensions of 3.3” in length, 1.64” in depth, and 1.64” in width. Each plug features a tapered tip for easy entry, ensuring a comfortable and pleasurable experience. We recommend using plenty of lubricant to enhance the sensation and ensure smooth insertion. The plugs also have curved stoppers for safety and easy navigation, allowing you to focus on the pleasure without any worries. Made from soft and pliable TPR rubber, these plugs are designed to feel as natural as possible. They are also latex and phthalate-free, ensuring they are safe for your body. With a weight of under .5 lb (3.7 oz), these plugs are lightweight and easy to handle. One of the best features of this set is that it's waterproof and submersible. This means you can take your anal play into the shower or bath for an even more exciting experience. Cleaning is also a breeze. Simply use Evolved Toy Cleaner and a hot water rinse to keep your plugs hygienic and ready for your next session. Anal stimulation is one of the most erotic and sensitive erogenous zones on the body. With this booty training kit, you can explore this unique pleasure at your own pace. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced player, this set offers something for everyone. So why wait? Start your journey into the world of anal pleasure today with our three-piece jelly anal plug set. It's time to satisfy that unique craving and take your orgasms to new heights. Remember, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step... or in this case, a single plug.


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