Ass-X Ass-Lock Atomic Jock


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  • Super Stretchy
  • Cock Ring and Butt Plug
  • Fits All Sizes
  • Grips Your Junk
  • Stimulates Your Trunk
  • 11" Long Overall
  • Plug is 3 Inches Long
  • TPR Jelly Rubber
  • Phthalate Free
  • Use with Water Based Lube


The Ass X Ass Lock grips your junk and stimulates your trunk. Made from TPR jelly rubber that is extremely stretchy and will fit everyone from the smallest dick to the largest prick. It measures eleven inches long overall and has a three inch long anal plug at the end that is perfect for sticking up your ass, or stick it up a friend's ass, whatever makes your day. If wearing it for an extended period, slather it up with some water based lubricant for maximum comfort and re-arrange your junk every once in a while to keep your circulation going.


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