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  • Hand Sculpted To Be Sleek And Modern
  • Made Of Smooth Body Safe UltraSilk Silicone
  • Measures 8 Inches Long Overall
  • Insertable Length Of 6.5 Inches
  • Width Of 1.5 Inches
  • Non-Porous And Easy To Clean
  • Warms With Your Body Or By Running Under Warm Water
  • Harness Compatible And Feature A Deep Strong Suction Cup
  • Unique Artisanal Toy With Natural Hand-Sculpted Forms
  • Elegant Colors And Subtle Texture For Those Who Desire Simplicity.


The Avant D17 Lucky is an artisanal dildo made from premium silicone that is extremely hygienic and very beautiful. Crafted with care and with your pleasure in mind, enjoy the natural hand-sculpted forms knowing that you've purchased a unique artisanal toy. Whatever sizes or shapes you desire are sure to be found in the modern and stylish design of the Avant Lucky. This dildo delivers elegant colors in a straight shaft with subtle texture for those who desire simplicity. All Avant dildos are non-porous and easy to clean; they warm with your body or by running under warm water and feature a deep strong suction cup for added convenience during use. The overall length of this dildo is 8 inches while its insertable length is 6.5 inches with a width of 1.5 inches; making it perfect for those looking for something small but still satisfying! We are proud to offer this lovingly crafted artisanal dildo as it will provide you with hours of pleasure! The Avant D17 Lucky can be used both solo or during partner play depending on your preference! When using solo simply apply some lubricant to the desired area before insertion; then use your hand to guide the dildo inside until you reach your desired level of comfortability before enjoying all the pleasurable sensations it has to offer! During partner play you can use the suction cup base to attach it onto any flat surface such as a wall or floor so that you can enjoy hands free penetration while exploring different angles and depths of stimulation! No matter how you choose to use this amazing toy you're sure to have an unforgettable experience! If I had one wish when it came to sex toys - it would be that all my toys were as luxurious as the Avant D17 Lucky! This small batch artisanal dildo is made from premium silicone which makes it ultra hygienic - plus its modern styling makes me look like I'm living my best life every time I take it out! Not only does this little beauty look great but its also got some serious power behind it - thanks to its deep suction cup base that allows me to explore different angles without having to worry about losing my grip on things! Plus its non-porous material means no nasty bacteria build up either - so I always feel safe when I'm using this bad boy! All in all if you're looking for something special then look no further than the Avant D17 Lucky - trust me - you won't regret it!


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