b-Vibe Stainless Steel Prostate Plug


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  • Perfect Prostate Play: Curved design to pinpoint the prostate for optimal pleasure
  • High-Quality Material: 100% stainless steel construction for durability and hygiene
  • Weight: A hefty 300 g / 0.66 lbs for weighty filling sensations
  • Dimensions: Total size - 115.5 mm / 4.55 in, Insertable size - 102 mm / 4.02 in, Widest insertable diameter - 25 mm / 0.98 in
  • Base: Large diameter of 57.7 mm / 2.27 in and base size of 13.5 mm / 0.57 in for secure play
  • Lubricant Compatibility: Safe for use with all lubricants
  • Hygiene: Hypoallergenic & body-safe for peace of mind
  • Cleaning: Easy to clean with soap and water, dishwasher safe, or boil to disinfect
  • Water Resistance: 100% waterproof for aquatic fun
  • Temperature Play: Ideal for temperature play - chill it or heat it up for varied sensations


Roll out the red carpet and prepare for a platinum celebration of pleasure with the b-Vibe Stainless Steel Prostate Plug. It's the creme de la creme of anal play tools, curated to provide the ultimate experience for those who seek the thrill of P-spot stimulation. Made from 100% stainless steel, this plug is a testament to durability and cleanliness, offering a hypoallergenic and body-safe solution for your intimate adventures. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro in prostate play, this weighty sensation will have you coming back for more. This cheeky contraption is not just about its good looks, though. It's perfectly curved and weighted to target the elusive prostate, offering a smooth ride that hugs every contour of your body. It's like a GPS for your P-spot, ensuring every journey leads to a destination filled with pleasure. If you're in the mood for some aquatic adventures, the b-Vibe Stainless Steel Prostate Plug is more than ready to dive in with you. Its 100% waterproof design makes it an ideal companion for some steamy shower sessions or relaxing baths. It's the kind of plug that loves to make a splash. And when it comes to cleaning, this plug is a breeze. Rinse it with soap and water, pop it in the dishwasher, or give it a good boil for a few minutes. Whatever your preferred method, it'll come out shining and ready for another round. For those who love to play with temperatures, this plug won't disappoint. Its stainless steel body can be heated or cooled, offering an endless variety of sensations to spice up your playtime. Pop it in the fridge for a chilling surprise, or run it under warm water for a hot date that's sure to please. To top it all off, the b-Vibe Stainless Steel Prostate Plug is compatible with all lubricants, making it one versatile little number. So, whether you prefer a water-based lube for a slick ride or a silicone-based lube for long-lasting fun, this plug is ready to roll. In the realm of prostate pleasure, the b-Vibe Stainless Steel Prostate Plug is a heavyweight champion. So why not add it to your pleasure arsenal and experience the joy of platinum P-spot stimulation? After all, it's always a good time for a little prostate party.


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