Bad Apple Snow White Costume Large


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  • Size: Large (fits dress sizes 12-14)
  • Components: Crop top, cheeky panty with glitter skirt, bow headband
  • Design: Character-styled Snow White ensemble with shimmer and glitter
  • Fit & Style: Immersive fairy tale look with a flirtatious twist
  • Occasion: Suitable for Halloween, themed parties, or enchanting outings
  • Materials/Care: Hand wash cold, Do not bleach, Drip dry, Do not iron
  • Bust Size: 39-40.5 inches (99.1-102.9 centimeters)
  • Waist Size: 30.5-32 inches (77.5-81.3 centimeters)
  • Hip Size: 40.5-42 inches (102.9-106.7 centimeters)
  • Pairing Ideas: Great for group costumes with other princesses or fairy tale characters


Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the most dazzling of them all? With the Bad Apple Snow White Costume in Large, the answer could very well be you. No, don't blush like Snow White; it's the truth, and there's no wicked queen's spell involved here. Designed for dress sizes 12-14, this three-piece costume is the perfect combo of classical enchantment and modern allure. It's your fairy tale, after all, and who says you can't add a little sparkle to it? A Closer Look at the Costume: The Top: Character-styled crop top with shimmering halter bandeau. It's like wearing a fairy tale on your sleeves, only without the sleeves, and far more enchanting. The Bottom: Cheeky panty adorned with a glitter skirt and attached garters, as magical as any prince's kiss. The Headband: Topped with a bow, this accessory proclaims, "I'm here to rule, but let's party first!" Usage Suggestions: Halloween Party: Where else can you wear a crown without being accused of having delusions of grandeur? It's your night to shine. Themed Get-Together: Friends having a Disney night? Arrive as Snow White, and let the magic unfold. Couples & Groups: You're Snow White; now gather your dwarves, or other princesses, or even a Prince Charming if you like. But remember, you're the star of this tale. Casual Grocery Shopping: Just kidding, unless you'd like to make grocery shopping a magical experience, then, by all means, go for it. Measured to perfection, the costume comes with a 39-40.5 inches (99.1-102.9 centimeters) bust, a 30.5-32 inches (77.5-81.3 centimeters) waist, and 40.5-42 inches (102.9-106.7 centimeters) hips. The large size ensures that the magic fits just right. As for care, treat it like a treasured heirloom from your fairy godmother: Hand wash cold, drip dry, and avoid bleach and iron. So, whether you're off to a woodland adventure or a castle ball, this Bad Apple Snow White Costume is your ticket to a world of wonder. And while poisoned apples might be out of fashion, the enchantment that comes with this costume never will be. In conclusion, if you're ready to step out of a storybook and into the spotlight, the Bad Apple Snow White Costume in Large is your magical wardrobe. So why just read fairy tales when you can live one? Grab your costume, your friends, and let the fairy tale begin. Just remember, any evil queens encountered at the party are probably just having a bad hair day. Offer them a compliment, not an apple, and dance the night away!


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