Bad Apple Snow White Costume Small


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  • Size: Small (fits dress sizes 4-6)
  • Components: Includes crop top, cheeky panty with glitter skirt, bow headband
  • Design Elements: Shimmer fabric, glitter accents for an enchanting look
  • Fit & Style: Fairy tale-inspired bandeau top, skirted bottom
  • Occasion: Suitable for Halloween parties, themed events, woodland adventures
  • Materials/Care: Hand wash cold, Do not bleach, Drip dry, Do not iron
  • Bust Size: 34.5-35.5 inches (87.6-90.2 centimeters)
  • Waist Size: 26-27 inches (66-68.6 centimeters)
  • Hip Size: 36-37 inches (91.4-94 centimeters)
  • Pairing Options: Great for group Halloween costumes with other princess pals


Have you ever wondered what it's like to step into the shoes of the fairest princess of them all? Well, dust off those glass slippers, dear friend, because the Bad Apple Snow White Costume in Small by Leg Avenue is here to sprinkle some magic on your wardrobe. This 3-piece set is designed to fit those of dress sizes 4-6. Now, we don't want to dwell on numbers, but size does matter, especially when it comes to fitting into this regally ravishing ensemble. The Top: A character-styled crop top with shimmering halter bandeau. Snow White would be thrilled to know her wardrobe has evolved into something this stylish. The Bottom: A cheeky panty decked out with a glittering skirt and attached garters. It's the kind of apparel that might make woodland creatures sing your praises. The Headband: A delicate bow that crowns the outfit. Sure, a diamond tiara might be more traditional, but we're going for contemporary chic here. Usage Suggestions: Storybook Soiree: This costume isn't just for Halloween. Consider wearing it to a fairy tale-themed event where Prince Charmings are optional but admiring glances are guaranteed. Enchanting Ensemble: Want to take your cosplay game to a whole new kingdom? This outfit's blend of classic charm and modern flair is your ticket to cosplay royalty. Princess Party: Why should kids have all the fun? Pair up with your fellow princess pals for a group theme that's more fabulous than a pumpkin carriage. Woodland Wandering: Should you venture into the woods and find a cottage with seven little residents, at least you'll look the part. The bust, waist, and hip measurements are nothing short of enchanting. With 34.5-35.5 inches (87.6-90.2 centimeters) for the bust, 26-27 inches (66-68.6 centimeters) for the waist, and 36-37 inches (91.4-94 centimeters) for the hips, this costume promises a fit that's snugger than a hug from Grumpy. Now, let's talk about care. No need for woodland creatures or fairy godmothers; just hand wash cold, drip dry, and avoid bleach and iron like a wicked stepmother. And lastly, a word to the wise: though this costume might have you feeling like you just bit into a deliciously magical apple, rest assured that it's 100% poison-free. We can't say the same for any apples you might encounter at parties, though. So, do inspect your fruit carefully, especially if offered by anyone with an evil laugh. In conclusion, the Bad Apple Snow White Costume is a fantastical fusion of fairy tale grace and modern panache. It's a look that says, "Yes, I'm a princess, but I also know how to have a good time." So why not give that evil queen a reason to be jealous? After all, life's too short to wear boring costumes. Now, grab your thigh highs, maybe a wig, and embark on your next magical adventure. And remember, no matter where your fairy tale takes you, make sure to walk with the grace of a princess and the confidence of a queen. It's your story, and this costume is just the beginning.


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