Bed Restraints System


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  • Adjustable wrist and ankle cuffs with soft and plushy interior
  • Gorgeous red brocade fabric
  • Tethers can be used in a variety of positions
  • Includes extension tether for any size bed


The Scandal Bed Restraints System is the perfect way to explore your deepest desires with your partner. These restraints feature adjustable wrist and ankle cuffs with a soft and plushy interior for maximum comfort. The outside of the cuffs is covered in a gorgeous red brocade fabric that will add to the intensity of the experience. The tethers can be used in a variety of positions, from under the mattress or around a bedpost, and the set even includes an extension tether for any size bed. With the Bed Restraints System, you can experience total immobility and relinquish total control to your partner. Once you've set up the Scandal Bed Restraints System, you can explore each other's desires in a whole new way. Your partner can adjust the wrist and ankle cuffs to the perfect fit and then wrap the tethers around the bedposts or under the mattress. As you lay there, unable to move, your partner can whisper in your ear and brush their skin against yours, intensifying all the sensations you experience. The Bed Restraints System is an amazing way to increase trust, deepen emotional connection, and explore each other's desires.


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