Bedazzled Devil Costume XL Flame Dress


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  • Size: Extra Large (XL), fitting dress sizes 16-18
  • Color: Bold Red
  • Package Includes: Rhinestone dress, devil headband, devil tail
  • Fit & Style: Rhinestone body-con tube dress for a perfect fit
  • Materials/Care: Hand wash cold, drip dry, no bleach, no iron
  • Occasion: Ideal for themed parties, Halloween, or sizzling nights out
  • Special Features: Removable pin-on devil tail converts dress for club wear
  • Bust Size: 42-43.5 inches (106.7-110.5 centimeters)
  • Waist Size: 33.5-35 inches (85.1-88.9 centimeters); Hip Size: 43.5-45 inches (110.5-114.3 centimeters)
  • Quality: Premium construction with multi-colored rhinestones


It's time to bring out the devil in you - but make it fashion! With the Bedazzled Devil Costume XL by Leg Avenue, you'll be channeling your inner mischief-maker with a touch of glitz and glamour. Who says being bad can't look fabulous? The rhinestone flame tube dress is a masterful creation, designed to fit like a glove and showcase those curves that are just too hot to handle. Adorned with gorgeous multi-colored rhinestones, this dress brings the heat of the underworld right into your wardrobe. Of course, a devil's outfit wouldn't be complete without the quintessential devil tail and horn headband. Attach the tail or leave it off if you're looking to dance the night away. Either way, you'll be turning heads, and possibly even making a few angels fall from grace. Usage Suggestions: Halloween Shenanigans: Halloween is when the devil comes out to play, and now you can too. This costume will have everyone at the party worshipping at your altar. Red Hot Nights Out: Take off the tail, and voila, you've got a club dress that's sure to set the dance floor aflame. Themed Parties: Dressing up as the devil doesn't have to be limited to Halloween. Theme parties, cosplay events, or just a night of devilish fun - this outfit is versatile. Couples Costume: Pair this with one of our angel costumes, and you've got a heavenly match made in, well, not heaven exactly. Yin and Yang never looked so good. Made with love and a hint of mischief, the Bedazzled Devil Costume is for those unafraid to embrace their naughty side. The bold red color, the stunning rhinestones, the pin-on tail that's there when you want it and gone when you don't - it all adds up to a devilishly delightful ensemble that's simply to die for. The XL size, tailored to fit dress sizes 16-18, ensures that every devilish curve is on full display. And the quality? Heavenly. Amazing fit, premium construction, and an overall look that's sinfully stylish. When it comes to washing, fear not. A cold hand wash and a drip dry are all it takes to keep this infernal beauty looking fresh. Just remember, no bleach and no ironing; even the devil has standards. So go ahead, embrace the dark side. With the Bedazzled Devil Costume, being bad has never felt so good. After all, why should angels have all the fun? With this outfit, you'll have everyone thinking that maybe, just maybe, it's a devil's world, and we're just living in it. In conclusion, dear reader, it's time to give in to temptation and treat yourself to the Bedazzled Devil Costume XL by Leg Avenue. A little bit of mischief never hurt anyone - especially when it looks this good!


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