Ff Beginner 6pc Cupping Set


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  • 2 Large Cups 2.25"
  • 2 Medium Cups 2"
  • 2 Small Cups 1.6"
  • Easy Grip Pump with flex hose
  • Free Blindfold Mask
  • Quick Release Valves
  • Sturdy Construction


Based on ancient Chinese cupping therapy, cupping is very popular with BDSM enthusiast and quickly gaining popularity in mainstream sexual exploration. Utilizing different sized cups that are made from a sturdy translucent plastic, different areas of the body are stimulated with pressure. The most popular areas for cupping are the nipples, clit or butt, however they can be used anywhere on the body. Using them is very easy. Connect the flexible hose to an appropriate sized cup. Put a small amount of personal lubricant around the rim of the cup for maximum sealing performance, then pump the easy-to-use grip pump until the desired amount of suction is reached. Be careful not to apply too much suction, or you will cause a hickey like effect making a noticeable bruise on the skin. To release the pressure, lift on the center pin of the cup located where the hose what attached. This set includes six cups. Two of the large size that measure 2.25 inches in diameter. Two of the medium size that measure 2 inches in diameter and two of the small size that measure 1.6 inches in diameter. Also included is an easy grip hand pump with a flexible hose and quick connect fitting. A free blindfold eye mask is also included free.

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