Bloomgasm Wild Rose 10X Suction Clit Stimulator - Purple


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  • Wild Sucking Fun: Enjoy 3 levels and 7 patterns of intense suction
  • Rose Shaped Ergonomics: Elegant Rose form perfect for gifting
  • Body Safe Silicone: Premium phthalate-free and latex-free materials
  • USB Rechargeable: Keeps your rosebud at full power for throbbing clit enjoyment
  • IPX6 Waterproofing: Perfect for sensual shower sessions when you need some relief
  • Dimensions: Overall length 2.6 inches; overall width 2.3 inches; suction hole diameter 0.4 inches


Are you ready to experience a wilder side of pleasure? Featuring an ergonomic rose shape in beautiful purple hue, the Bloomgasm 10X Silicone Suction Clit Stimulator is perfect to give as a romantic gift or to keep all to yourself! This powerful clitoral stimulator provides three levels and seven unique patterns of intense suction - perfect for whatever spontaneous moments call for thrilling pleasure exploration. Crafted with premium body-safe phthalate-free and latex-free silicone clamps securely onto your sensitive bits for comfortable play in any position whether solo or with your lover. The gorgeous device is IPX6 waterproof so you can enjoy some steamy shower sessions too! You'll never run out of fun thanks to the USB rechargeable lithium ion battery that keeps this wild rosebud always buzzing with power. Whether it's gentle caresses, vigorous twisting motions or somewhere in between - there's no wrong way to use this exquisite beauty! Get ready for toe curling ecstasy beyond compare! She ran her hands gently over the smooth surface of her Bloomgasm Wild Rose 10x Suction Clit Stimulator before turning it on and letting it do its magic; she was amazed by how good the three levels and seven patterns of extreme suction felt when placed on her most delicate parts. Her partner couldn't help but smile at her as she gasped out with pleasure after every wave burst from the device - he couldn't believe how quickly she was getting aroused, let alone coming! After a few delightful hours of pulsating whirls and deep throbs swirling through every nerve ending in her body - she finally reached her long awaited release. Introducing the Bloomgasm Wild Rose 10x Suction Clit Stimulator - because if one bloomin' good time isn't enough then tenfold will surely do the trick! As they say, The bigger they are, the harder they suck... Yes - size does matter when it comes to super ecstatic self-love sessions.. or... couples playtime fun AHH yeah! This sleek little number is shaped like an elegant rose which means it won't take up much space but packs one heckuva punch when delivering soul satisfying stimulation wherever it goes!! And did we mention there are THREE leveeeeelllllsss and SEVEN delicious patternnnnssss?? Booyahhh!!! Trust wouldn't want to miss out on this one!!

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