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  • USB Rechargeable: Enjoy up to one hour of playtime on a full charge, with a recommended charging time of at least two hours before use.
  • Multiple Modes: Choose from four speeds and ten vibration patterns for a versatile and customizable experience.
  • Powerful: The large head and flexible neck ensure an intense deep-tissue massage or targeted stimulation.
  • LED Display: The digital LED display shows speed levels, vibration patterns, battery life, and current use time for easy monitoring.
  • Travel Lock: Prevent accidental activation during travel by enabling the travel lock feature with a 2-3 second press and hold of the power button.
  • Body Safe Materials: Made from 100% body-safe materials, the Digi features a silicone head and a non-porous metal shaft for your safety and comfort.
  • One Year Warranty: Bodywand products are backed by a one-year limited warranty, protecting you from defects in workmanship or materials.
  • Measures 9.25 x 1.70 Inches


Introducing the Bodywand Digi, a rechargeable massage wand designed to help you unwind and experience the perfect relaxation. With its sleek design, LED display, and versatile functionality, this is the ultimate must-have for anyone looking to treat themselves to a well-deserved, soothing massage. The Bodywand Digi is USB rechargeable, making it a convenient and eco-friendly choice. We recommend charging it for at least two hours before use, allowing you to enjoy up to one full hour of continuous massage. Say goodbye to buying batteries and hello to hassle-free relaxation. Featuring four speeds and ten unique vibration modes, the Bodywand Digi offers an extensive range of options to tailor your massage experience. Whether you prefer gentle, soothing sensations or a more intense, deep-tissue massage, the Bodywand Digi has got you covered. The powerful motor, large head, and flexible neck ensure that you can target specific areas with ease. The Bodywand Digi is perfect for melting away the stresses of the day and helping you drift into a state of blissful tranquility. One of the standout features of the Bodywand Digi is the digital LED display. This innovative addition allows you to see the speed levels, vibration patterns, battery life, and current usage time at a glance, giving you full control over your massage experience. Worried about your massager buzzing away in your luggage? The Bodywand Digi has a travel lock function that prevents it from vibrating while you're on the go. Just press and hold the power button for 2-3 seconds to enable or disable this handy feature. Safety and quality are paramount, which is why the Bodywand Digi is made from 100% body-safe materials. The head is crafted from soft, luxurious silicone, while the shaft is constructed from a non-porous metal, ensuring a comfortable and worry-free experience. The Bodywand Digi is backed by a one-year limited warranty, protecting you against any defects in workmanship or materials. This means you can enjoy your massage wand with confidence, knowing that it's built to last. With its versatile functionality, sleek design, and commitment to quality, the Bodywand Digi is the perfect addition to your relaxation routine. Treat yourself to a massage experience like no other and discover the soothing benefits of the Bodywand Digi today.


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