Booby Squishy - Boob Stress Ball


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  • 3.63 Inches In Diameter
  • Non-Toxic PU
  • Slow Rising
  • Vanilla Scent
  • Better Than Other Stress Balls (nipple)


This stress ball is shaped like a boob, but it functions just like a stress ball but so much better, because it has a nipple and looks like a boob. Other stress balls just don't compare because they don't have nipples, and everyone knows that a nipple is paramount to stress relief. It measures 3.63 inches (9.22 cm) in diameter, and is made from a slow rising PU material that allows you to squeeze it, and then it gradually expands back to its original size. It has a vanilla scent, so while it does look like a boob, it doesn't smell like a boob.


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