Booty Bloom Silicone Rose Anal Plug


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  • Overall length 4.2 inches (10.67 cm)
  • Insertable length 2.8 inches (7.11 cm)
  • The widest insertable diameter 1.1 inches (2.79 cm)
  • Rose diameter 3 inches (7.62 cm)
  • Soft and pliable
  • Hygienic
  • Compatible with water based lubricants
  • Velvety silicone texture
  • Long neck and tapered tip
  • Body safe and phthalate free


The Booty Bloom Silicone Rose Anal Plug is the perfect way to spice up your bedroom play! This unique butt plug is designed to look like a red rose - crafted from velvety silicone with individual petals for a realistic and satisfying texture that will make you feel like royalty in the bedroom! The long neck and tapered tip make this plug easy to insert and comfortable to squeeze on - perfect for all anal skill levels! Plus it's compatible with water based lubricants so you can get warmed up quickly before inserting the plug into your partner's backdoor! And because it's made from premium, phthalate free silicone it's body safe so you can enjoy worry free playtime! Whether you're looking to add some extra stimulation or just want to decorate your lover's booty in style - the Booty Bloom Silicone Rose Anal Plug is sure to bring your sexual appetites to new heights! If you're looking for an extra special way to surprise your partner in the bedroom then why not try out the Booty Bloom Silicone Rose Anal Plug? Bend your lover over and slowly insert this beautiful rose-shaped plug into their backdoor - they'll love the sensation of being filled up while also being able to admire their own booty decorated with this sultry flower pattern! Enjoy the sight of your partner as they moan in pleasure while wearing this unique butt plug - it's sure to take both of your sexual appetites to new heights! This Booty Bloom Silicone Rose Anal Plug is my new favorite toy in the bedroom! It looks just like a real rose but feels even better when inserted into my partner's backdoor - plus I get a kick out of seeing them adorned with such a sexy flower pattern afterwards. It's soft, pliable, hygienic, and compatible with water based lubes - so we can get warmed up quickly before using it - plus it's body safe so we don't have anything else to worry about other than enjoying ourselves! If you're looking for something special that will take your sex life up a notch then I highly recommend giving this booty bloomer a try - trust me, you won't regret it!


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