Charmed 7X Vibrating Necklace - Rose Gold


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  • Sleek and Sexy Jewelry: These wearable vibrators are sleek, sexy and discreet jewelry that can be worn with any outfit!
  • Powerful Vibration: Enjoy 7 different vibrating modes that get right to the spot.
  • Nickel-Free Metal: The nickel-free metal is perfect for sensitive skin.
  • Rechargeable: Recharge using the USB charging cable and screw-pin.
  • Chain Length: 35.5 inches.
  • Vibrator Length: 4.4 inches; Width: 0.4 inches.
  • Materials: Stainless steel, zinc alloy, gems.
  • Color: Rose gold.
  • Waterproof Rating of IPX6; can be taken in the shower but not submerged in water.


The Charmed 7X Vibrating Necklace is the perfect accessory for anyone looking to add a little extra sparkle to their look. This gorgeous, stainless steel vibrator is made of nickel-free metal, making it perfect for those with sensitive skin. It packs powerful vibrations and comes with 7 different vibe patterns that you can feel along the shaft and in the pinpointed, smooth, round tip. Rechargeable and waterproof for shower use, this necklace is sure to become your favorite go-to toy! The dazzling gem stones will catch your lover's eye and match any chic or edgy aesthetic! When you're feeling aroused, take the necklace off and simply press the button at the top to turn the vibrations on. Use the smooth, round tip to get exactly to the spot on your clit that feels divine, and enjoy living in ecstatic bliss with a beautiful toy that only those who are in the know... will really know about! Enjoy this toy in the shower too - it is IPX6 waterproof rated. To charge, carefully unscrew the top of the vibrator to reveal the charging dimple. Screw the pin end of the charging cable into the dimple and connect it to a USB port or adapter. Button on charging cable lights up while charging. Remove from charger promptly once fully charged. Whether you're out on a date night or just enjoying some alone time at home, you can trust that your Charmed 7X Vibrating Necklace will always be there when you need it most! Wear it around your neck as an accessory during dinner or drinks with your partner - they won't even suspect what lies beneath its stunning design! When things start heating up later on in the evening, simply take off your necklace and let yourself be taken away by its powerful vibrations. With its smooth round tip and 7 different vibe patterns, this vibrator will help you reach new heights of pleasure like never before! If I had one word to describe this Charmed 7X Vibrating would be WOWZA!! This sleek rose gold beauty looks like something straight out of a jewelry store window - but don't let its glamorous exterior fool ya...this baby packs some serious power! With 7 different vibe patterns that get right where it counts plus a smooth round tip for pinpoint accuracy - I'm telling'll be living in ecstasy every time you use it! And if that wasn't enough - it's also rechargeable AND waterproof so you can take it into any wet n wild situation without worryin' about ruining it! So if ya want something sexy AND powerful - then grab yourself one of these Charmed 7X Vibrating Necklaces today!

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